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Yes, he’s ripping off the original photographer, and yes, it’s legal.

What can you do about it: Post your best work on your own platform where you own all rights. If you see someone posting your content and profiting from it, don’t let them get away with it. Most content creators will tell you that creating the blog post or the video or recording the podcast is the best part of the process.

But wait, it gets worse – someone can take a photo you posted on the social platform, make a minor change, and pass it off as his/her own.

In fact, that person can even sell it at a profit like this “re-photographer” who used screenshots from Instagram without permission and sold them at an art gallery for ,000 each.

This is an iffy one because in most cases the person or brand doing the sharing isn’t stealing the content, they’re just sharing it.

However, there are lazy people who care more about shortcuts and less about ethics.

So if they can move a few words around on your blog post, just enough so it won’t pass a Copyscape test, well, that’s good enough for them. What you can do about it: Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove someone plagiarized your content when it’s not written word for word.

Someone who is too lazy to create his/her own ebook but still wants to profit from ebook sales, probably has no craps to give about all the hard work you put into writing, editing, formatting and designing your ebook.

People with no conscience or sense of right or wrong won’t think twice about taking your ebook, sticking a different title and cover on it, and selling it on their own.

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