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Derivative which is not expected to be used in users custom classes, though the classes are public as yet. supporting both XML schema datatypes and default namespace types).

Basically Relaxng Datatype Provider is designed to allow to contain datatypes in different namespaces (e.g.

2) custom validation support Nvdl Config config = new Nvdl Config (); config.

Add Provider (my Own Schematron Provider); // [*1] config.

Web Services are a relatively new way to achieve distributed computing.

In distributed computing, applications are designed as services that run on a server.

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When the validate element applies (for a Plan Elem), it creates validator Xml Reader.By default, Nvdl Validating Reader supports RELAX NG, RELAX NG Compact syntax, W3C XML Schema and built-in NVDL validations. Read() method reads argument Xml Reader and return Nvdl Rules instance.Nvdl Validating Reader is instantiated from a) Xml Reader to be validated, and b) Nvdl Rules as validating NVDL script.If you don't override it, it treats only "*/*-xml" and thus creates Xml Reader from either schema attribute or schema element and passes it to another Create Validator Generator() overload.If this (possibly overriden) method returns null, then this validation provider does not support the MIME type or the schema document.

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