Visual studio help updating

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The Veracode Visual Studio Extension has been updated for compatibility with Visual Studio 2017.This allows developers using the latest version of the Microsoft IDE to initiate static application security tests and consume results from within their IDE.We’ve updated the Veracode Visual Studio Team Services Extension to provide integration with VSTS/TFS work items, giving teams visibility into their security findings alongside the rest of their backlog.The VSTS Extension can be configured to allow teams to import all security findings or only those that violate the organization’s security policy, so that development teams only have to focus on what’s important to their organization.

If a CUDA-capable device and the CUDA Driver are installed but The device name (second line) and the bandwidth numbers vary from system to system.To create 32-bit CUDA applications, use the cross-development capabilities of the CUDA Toolkit on x86_64.This document is intended for readers familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.A Grammy-award winning product professional, he joined Veracode in 2008 and has a Bacon number of 3. CUDA-capable GPUs have hundreds of cores that can collectively run thousands of computing threads.

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