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Anika pops up and says what happened to Shivaye, tell me. Bhavya says Rudra said he is working, Om is saying Shivaye is ill. Rudra asks baby to look at him, Rudra Chachu will show his dance now. Om says this baby thinks he is Mughal e azam and you are Anarkali.

Rudra says I got hurt, its Om’s turn to manage Gauri. Rudra says baby looks 9 months old, Om was with Riddhima 18 months back. Shivaye reacts feeling accordingly and says nothing happened. Om says lucky Shivaye, if we fight like this, we won’t get any solution. You can download the required Pag-ibig claim forms here: PAG-IBIG FORMS WHERE TO FILE YOUR CLAIM: File your Provident benefit claim at the Pag-ibig Fund branch where the Pag-ibig member or employer has remitted the most or latest contributions.If the member had multiple employers, check if the member’s contributions are already consolidated in the branch where you are filing.

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