How many sex workers in cambodia

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Streetwalkers can be found day and night along the perimeter of Wat Phnom, the Buddhist temple that is one of Phnom Penh's top tourist sites.There are numerous karaoke bars and massage parlors, and freelance prostitutes abound at bars and nightclubs catering to Westerners.The sex and apparel sectors draw from the same labor pool: young, poorly educated women from the impoverished countryside who send part of their earnings home to support their families.Almost all of the country's 350,000 apparel workers are women.One of the women, a 19-year-old whose education stopped at the fourth grade, wore a pink prom dress and barrettes in her long hair.She was paid a month and made about the same amount per week in tips.One night, I went to 104 with two Cambodian women friends who do advocacy work with sex workers and textile unions.

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I'd put it to a young woman who'd just served me a drink at Zanzibar, a hostess bar in Phnom Penh whose "staff of beautiful ladies …Salaries are usually to per month, and with commissions and tips hostesses can make three times that.Those who have sex with customers make quite a bit more.Somewhat more upscale are places like Sharky's, which has pool tables and live music and attracts a more mixed crowd that includes women and couples, along with the usual Disco Stu types. " The answer: For a massage and "boom boom," for an hour and for the night.I went to Sharky's around 9 o'clock on a quiet weekday evening and sat on a balcony overlooking the street with a 24-year-old woman who had streaked blond hair and wore blue jeans and a silk shirt printed with red and pink hearts. My two Cambodian friends also took me to a karaoke bar whose customers were mostly Chinese and other Asian tourists.

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