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Winning bids translate into contracts (one-, three-, five- or seven-year) that grant the carnival a right to operate each year at the fairground location.

While the carnival is at the specific location, the owners entertain fairground management.

The carnival workers set up a camp with their vehicles, tarps and lounge chairs.

In this kind of environment, a good shower is usually hard to come by.

We had traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, eager to see the world after saving up enough money for a summer trip. When we got to what appeared to be the entrance, we found arrows on the floor which indicated women were to turn right. I was terrified of showing anyone my small breasts. Growing up in a family of six as a Muslim-Bangladeshi American, I was always the flat-chested one.

A girl poses in a bikini as carnival workers set up a ride called “The Ice Storm.” These metal panels, which act as the backdrop for the ride, weigh approximately 60 pounds and require much manpower to set in place.

Teamwork and communication are essential to preclude an accident from occurring.

But during carnival operation hours, they must be in uniform and presentable.

During summer months, the carnival moves each week from one location to the next. The carnival usually operates from Tuesday afternoon through Saturday night.

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